System Software

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What is Software?

Software is the term for the programs and applications that run on the computer. This includes browsers, word processors, games and the operating system.

System software

System software controls the hardware. This includes the operating system, drivers and utility programs.

Utility programs Functions
Security Antivirus - A program that finds and removes malicious programs.

Spyware protection - Spyware is software that that sends information to a hacker like passwords and credit card information.

Firewalls- Software which filters dangerous sites as well as controls what data enters and leaves the computer.
Disk organisation Formatting - The partitioning of sections of secondary storage for different uses before it is used.

File transfer - Program that allows files to be moved, copied and deleted by the user.

Defragmentation - Data is scattered on a hard drive. Defragmentation reorganises the data so it is easier to access and is quicker to navigate.
System maintenance System information/Diagnosis - Information about the hardware like temperature and errors are tracked to check they are functioning properly.

System cleanup tools - Speeds up performance by deleting unneeded and old/temporary files.

Automatic updating - Searches online and updates software to keep it update to date with the latest security patches and features.