Input and Output

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Input and Output devices

Computers are used to process data. Input devices are used to provide a computer with data to process, while output devices provide the user with a processed output.

Examples of input devices:

Examples of output devices:


Designing products in a way so that they can be used by disabled users. Since computers have become such a vital part of our modern lives, computers have become more accessible.

Examples of accessible input devices:

Device Users Function
Braille keyboard Visual problems The buttons have engravings, which blind users can feel and read. This enables users to know what they are typing.
Foot-Mouse Mobility problems This special type of mouse can be operated with a foot. It helps users to navigate interfaces.
Speech-to-text Mobility problems Users speak into a microphone, and this software converts what they said into text.

Examples of accessible output devices:

Device Users Function
High contract monitors Visual problems These monitors display everything with high contrast. This makes things clearer, and easier to see.
Braille printer Visual problems They emboss braille onto thick paper, meaning users can use touch rather than sight to read what is being displayed on their screen.
Text-to-speech Visual problems Text that is being displayed on screen can be read out loud with this special type of software.